LusoVPS - Xen VPS Serves With Dedicated resources and Support

  • We are a highly qualified team
  • Improvement is our main goal
  • We have an outstanding motivation
  • We are always searching new ways to serve the internet business
  • We aren't afraid of the competition
  • We are financed by a group of investors
  • We are a Registered Company
  • We have a very good refund policy

Why a VPS

  • Spend less money - You can buy just what you need
  • Escalate your growth - There's always the possibility to upgrade to a higher package
  • Redundancy - By using two or more packages you can have your own redundant service
  • Fast - When virtualized, systems work as fast as they were on a Dedicated Server
  • Awareness - Every server resource is well used and not wasted
  • Green - By using the same physical resource to serve serveral users, we're saving the earth

Why a VPN

  • Safety - You are protected by a firewall when using our VPN service
  • Geo-Location - You can override your current location
  • Multiple Locations - 6 locations: United States, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany
  • Privacy - Have your privacy locked. Don't panic for browsing the web
  • Services - Access services geo-located. Eg: Hulu or Pandora


We use Xen Virtualization to sustain our VPS's, so that our clients can have the most stable experience.

Every VPS plan comes with:

  • Dedicated resources
  • Dedicated IP address(es)
  • SolusVM Control Panel
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Support