LusoVPS - Xen VPS Servers With Dedicated resources and Support

  • We are a highly qualified team
  • Improvement is our main goal
  • We have an outstanding motivation
  • We are always searching new ways to serve the internet business
  • We aren't afraid of the competition
  • We are financed by a group of investors
  • We are a Registered Company
  • We have a very good refund policy

Why a VPS

  • Spend less money - You can buy just what you need
  • Escalate your growth - There's always the possibility to upgrade to a higher package
  • Redundancy - By using two or more packages you can have your own redundant service
  • Fast - When virtualized, systems work as fast as they were on a Dedicated Server
  • Awareness - Every server resource is well used and not wasted
  • Green - By using the same physical resource to serve serveral users, we're saving the earth


We use Xen Virtualization to sustain our VPS's, so that our clients can have the most stable experience.

Every VPS plan comes with:

  • Dedicated resources
  • Dedicated IP address(es)
  • SolusVM Control Panel
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Support