Filipe Fernandes, Founder

"LusoVPS is a family, not a company."

Email: moc.spvosul@epilif

Server Administrator

Miguel Fernandes, Co-Founder

"5 seconds to boot? Still needs code optimization!"

Email: moc.spvosul@leugim

Billing Manager

Vânia Miranda

"Quotes, invoices and due dates."

Email: moc.spvosul@ainav

Support Manager

José Sousa

"Well done is better than well said."

Email: moc.spvosul@esoj

Marketing Manager

Bruno Fernandes

"Always think like a customer."

Email: moc.spvosul@onurb

Support Manager

Joana Martins

"Customer loyalty is priceless!"

Email: moc.spvosul@anaoj